NAZCA Peruvian Cuisine & Grill

NAZCA Peruvian Cuisine & Grill

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Quick description

NAZCA Peruvian Cuisine started by a wonderful family after they moved to Utah from Peru, with a distinctive flavor, they use imported spices from Peru and fresh ingredients to give their customers the best experience! They've face closured of their dine in option due to COVID-19 and have seen a significant drop in sales.

Quick note on who they are and their battle

We pride ourselves on giving our costumers as fresh a product as possible, so we buy our ingredients once or twice a week, and we import Peruvian spices and other ingredients to give the customer as close an experience with Peruvian Cuisine as we can give.  Unfortunately, this is not cheap, and there's a lot of work involved in getting things ready for service, from kitchen staff to our servers. Because of the new regulations, we are not able to have servers helping us, but we have not fired them, but asked them to be patient as we all go through this together. 
Regardless of the circumstances, everyone had been very positive and that's encouraging.  Our revenue has obviously suffered because customers are not able to join us and enjoy our food.  We have a 13 person staff and people depend on their income from our business, so we want to push forward and see how by working together and not giving up on the goal, we can reach back to the levels where we can work freely and give our customers the experience they look for when they come to our establishment.  These are trying times, but they too shall pass, and we hope to still be around to reach our goal. If it is not meant to be, at least we gave it our all, and that is enough. We certainly appreciate the support for us and our workers.


98 NW State St, American Fork, UT 84003