Mozz Artisan Pizza
Mozz Artisan Pizza

Mozz Artisan Pizza

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Owners Erin and Jared met half a decade ago while working together in the restaurant industry. First they formed a friendship, then a business partnership, and then finally a marriage. After years of opening restaurants for others, they finally thought, "Hey, why don’t we do this ourselves?” MOZZ is a unique spot on Provo’s business landscape. Combining the vintage charm of Provo’s downtown area with the absolute professionalism of its owners, MOZZ is a place where anyone can feel comfortable and enjoy delicious Pizza. 

Note From Owner: Hi we are Mozz! We just hit our one year anniversary on March 12, 2020! We have the best staff, most have been with us from the very start. We were celebrating our anniversary with our staff Sunday, March 15, riding the high of how amazing it felt to have made it to a year successfully with such a supportive, loving, hard working team (literally the best), only to have to call them the next morning and lay them off until further notice. We woke up to covid-19 in Utah County Monday morning. For us our staff is everything and we decided it was most important to protect them along with their loved ones and anyone they are in contact with. Monday was the hardest day we may have ever had, making each call with tears rolling down our cheeks. This is an industry that doesn't let up, that doesn't pay much, and that gives you no protection. We are so grateful for the continued support, and we hope sooner rather than later sales soar back to normal so we can work side by side with our staff that we consider our chosen family. 

(801) 852-0069